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Postgraduate online courses

The courses below can be studied and completed online, giving you more flexibility to study when and where it suits you, without having to attend classes.

Subject Course title
Advanced Accounting Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting
Business Administration Graduate Certificate in Business
Graduate Diploma in Business
Chemical Engineering Master of Chemical Engineering
Corrosion Engineering Graduate Certificate in Corrosion Engineering
Graduate Diploma in Corrosion Engineering
Diabetes Graduate Certificate in Diabetes
Graduate Diploma in Diabetes
Diabetes major (MSc Clinical)
Education Master of Education
Environmental Health Graduate Diploma in Environmental Health
Geographic and Geospatial Information Science Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science
Graduate Diploma in Geographic Information Science
Master of Science (Geospatial Science)
Geology Graduate Diploma in Mineral Exploration Geoscience
Health Administration/Services Management Graduate Diploma in Health Administration
Master of Health Administration
Information Management and Library Studies Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies
Master of Information Management
International Health Graduate Certificate in International Health
Graduate Diploma in International Health
Master of International Health
Internet Communications Graduate Certificate in Internet Communications
Graduate Diploma in Internet Communications
Master of Internet Communications
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Medical Sonography Master of Medical Sonography
Nursing Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing
Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
Occupational Health and Safety Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management
Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
Master of Occupational Health and Safety
Project Management Graduate Certificate in Project Management
Graduate Diploma in Project Management
Master of Science (Project Management)
Public Health Graduate Certificate in Public Health
Graduate Diploma in Public Health
Master of Public Health
Records Management and Archives Graduate Diploma in Records Management and Archives
Science and Mathematics Education Master of Science (Science and Mathematics Education)
Taxation Graduate Diploma in Taxation