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Internet Communications

Available to study via Curtin Online

These courses offer you the chance to study, at graduate level, the most important socio-technological phenomenon of the late 20th and early 21st century – the Internet. They will give you the knowledge you need in your current or planned professional life. You’ll learn essential skills and develop deeper understandings of the growth, uses and application of the Internet in many fields.

These courses will add specific Internet knowledge and skills to your existing proficiencies. Creative overlap between current employment or personal interests and study is encouraged. The courses are designed to allow you to study in a way that best suits you, with an emphasis on the specialised skills and knowledge you want.

You will be given the opportunity to focus on the specialist areas of communications and policy, content management, training and development, and web design and development.

We will not teach you the rules of how to be successful with the Internet; we’ll enable you to learn for yourself how to write the rules for success.

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