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Applied Linguistics

Language shapes and informs our world, from science and religion to and law, social constructs, and entertainment. Despite this, most of us are unaware of its nature and structure, and our use of its complex nuances are largely unconscious. An applied knowledge of symbolic and abstract meanings, phonetics, grammar, and semantics can be a powerful tool in many fields, but is especially relevant to teaching and education.

The Master of Arts (TESOL) is designed for professionals in the field of language education. The course, which concentrates on Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), considers issues connected with TESOL teaching in Australia and the Asia–Pacific region. In this course you will evaluate current second language acquisition theory and consider the roles and status of languages in multicultural societies, particularly in Asia. You will consider contrastive learning and teaching styles with special reference to teacher-student roles in Asian and Australian societies. You will also learn to effectively plan and evaluate language teaching, schemes of work/syllabuses, and language assessment procedures.

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