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Clinical Physiotherapy

We offer a range of postgraduate courses for physiotherapists looking to extend their knowledge and qualifications. They are clinically-oriented to enhance your clinical reasoning, diagnostic, therapeutic, assessment, management and rehabilitation skills. You can major in manipulative therapy or continence and women's health.

The Manipulative Therapy Major is designed to enhance knowledge, skill and clinical competencies in musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice. In this major you can learn advanced examination, treatment, patient management and clinical communication skills through a combination of evidence-based practice and contemporary clinical practice methods. 

In the Continence and Women's Health major you will develop clinical skills in the assessment and management of conditions which are unique to women, more common in women, more serious in women or require special interventions in women. You will develop particular expertise in the management of pelvic floor dysfunction and its many presentations, including bladder and bowel dysfunction, disorders of the pelvic organ and pelvic girdle support, sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain.

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