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According to Diabetes: Australian Facts, 2008 (the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare), approximately 700,000 Australians, or nearly 4% of the population, had clinically diagnosed diabetes in 2004-05. The report showed that the proportion of people with diagnosed diabetes more than doubled between 1989 and 2005, and either caused or contributed to 1 in 11 deaths in Australia in 2005. If those figures weren’t bad enough, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare believe a substantial number of cases of diabetes go undiagnosed and the actual percentage of Australians with diabetes could be much higher.

Our postgraduate courses in diabetes education have been developed in a stepped approach, with the graduate diploma and master level courses building on the curriculum of the graduate certificate. In these courses you will develop an understanding of chronic disease and its impact at a personal level as well as a national and global level. They will provide you with a broad and sound foundation in biological and behavioural sciences, the principles of teaching and learning, chronic disease self-management education and best practice management of diabetes. Through your studies, you’ll develop the capacity to advance diabetes education and guide clinical practice and research.

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