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Engineering Management

Many practising engineers find their careers moving increasingly towards engineering management. As your career progresses, you may find an increased need for engineering-oriented management skills. Today, due to the specific management requirements facing engineers progressing toward, or having attained, management responsibilities, a Master of Engineering Management is appreciated as a far more logical choice than a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Our postgraduate courses in engineering management have been designed to meet the needs of engineering professionals who have had limited or no exposure to management topics in their first degree. They incorporate the engineering expertise of the discipline of Civil Engineering with the business leadership of the Curtin Business School to provide you with management skills highly relevant to your engineering career. The units you take have been carefully chosen to cover the whole range of skills and competencies you need to undertake management tasks effectively.

Our Master of Engineering Management course is well regarded and internationally recognised. It has evolved over the past 16 years, keeping up with industry needs and trends, and the coursework is relevant to all engineering disciplines. Our graduates have an exceptional record in entrepreneurship, with a significant number occupying senior management positions in engineering and technology companies throughout the world.

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