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Master of Sustainability and the Built Environment

Professions related to the Built Environment are becoming increasingly diverse, and the expected knowledge is moving beyond the limits of the discrete disciplines. This course provides the opportunity to gain the understanding, knowledge and skills from across disciplines. It adopts a flexible approach in which students will be able to construct their own in-demand skill sets to create new directions within the Built Environment industry that span across disciplines and offer a global perspective. Students can select from a number of majors each focussed on a discrete discipline within the Built Environment, supplemented by options from other allied disciplines. Sustainability options broaden the scope and application of the chosen focus. Students will develop an overview of Sustainability and the Built Environment in the first semester, completing units from a range of disciplines. Following a theoretical foundation, students are required to develop knowledge within their chosen major, and apply it to a capstone project related to the Built Environment industries and addressing issues from across the disciplines. 

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