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Culture, language and Indigenous

If you're interested in culture, communication, languages or social sciences, these courses can give you knowledge and skills applicable to many areas of the working world. You can choose to explore the dynamics of various societies, study the written word and its applications, develop your skills in Asian languages or focus on Indigenous Australian culture. Our degrees can launch your career in a range of community, private or government-based areas.


Our research into culture, language and Indigenous topics benefits communities in Australia and throughout the world.

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Our centres and institutes

Our centres and institutes dedicated to culture and Indigenous research include:

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If you don't meet our entry requirements, there are still plenty of ways to gain entry to Curtin.

UniReady Enabling Program

If you don't think you'll meet Curtin's entry requirements, you can still qualify for a range of Business, Humanities and Health Sciences courses after completing the UniReady Enabling Program.

StepUp to Curtin Scheme

Stepup grants bonus ATAR points based on your circumstances or location, and could help make you eligible for admission into Curtin courses. Learn about StepUp to Curtin.

Our other enabling courses are:

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